Šibenik gastro tour

1. Pelegrini restaurant and winehouse

Pelegrini is one of the most famous restaurants in Dalmatia. It received Michelin star award, among with many other culinary awards for the best restaurant in Croatia. This restaurant is placed in the heart of old Šibenik town, with the stunning view of the beautiful Šibenik cathedral of Sv. Jakov. Pelegrini interprets traditional Dalmatian cuisine in a modern way, with focus on local Croatian providers of high-quality food and drinks. Their drive is pure love towards food and wine whilst having inspiration in a rich gastronomy tradition.

2. Mendula

Mendula offers various types of cold and warm starters, as well as meat main courses such as steaks, which are prime quality. We also have some traditional meals such as “Pašticada” - a type of Dalmatian meat stew prepared in very specific way, which is our house specialty. Furthermore we offer various fish courses such as tuna steak, sea bream, John Dory filet, Sicilian style calamari, grilled shrimps etc.
Restaurant capacity is approximately 100 seats, which makes us ideal for large groups, since we can connect tables if needed. Interior is newly renovated with capacity of 25 seats. Terrace can be completely closed, so our guests do not have to worry about rainy days.

3. Buffet Šimun

Šimun is a bar with long tradition of preparing local food, recognized also by some of the best gastro critics. It offers wide range of various dishes, delicious snacks, appetizers and barbecue dishes. You can enjoy your Mediterranean meal on a terrace with the view on the stunning Ante's Canal. Along with popular local dish Pašticada, you can also daily choose among different other local dishes, namely sarma, filled peppers, goulash, tripe, veal and many more. For the sea food lovers, we can offer you squid, seafood risotto, octopus salad, bakalar (codfish pate) or special white fish stew.

4. Konoba Tomaseo

Konoba Tomaseo is located on the very beginning of the Šibenik riva and offers you a great relaxation while enjoying an excellent meal. It offers a great view of the Šibenik bay and has a pleasant interior. The restaurant offers various meat and seafood culinary specialties from Mediterranean area, made from fresh ingredients of local providers. If you prefer seafood over meat, try their delicious monkfish, squid, octopus carpaccio, various pasta and pate made of sea food, prawns or tuna. The real forte of this restaurant is nevertheless the wide variety of meat dishes, from which it is worth to mention our ½ kg T-bone steak and different other steaks and rump steaks.

5. Kavana Medulić

Coffee bar Medulić is the oldest coffee place in Šibenik. It has a long track record of Dalmatian cuisine, best described by the words of the owner: ''The guests feel here like at home and we prepare the dishes like we would prepare them to ourselves and to our family.'' On their menu -among many others - tasty octopus’ salad, sea food spaghetti, shrimp in sauce, fish plate and steak with green peppers. Along with the delicious food the place offers a terrace view on the unforgettable old city town with its rich historical background.

6. Restoran More

Restaurant More is located at the Šibenik riva and it is a perfect place to enjoy the different fish and meat specialties. If you prefer gluten free or vegetarian dishes, this if the right place for you. They will adapt the menus according to your wishes and preferences, be it a breakfast, lunch or dinner – restaurant More will fulfill all your wishes.

7. Restoran Gradska vijećnica

UNESCO discovered the beauty of Šibenik cathedral, you discover the secrets and the riches of gastronomic offerings of a medieval city hall. Besides the beautiful ambient, guests of the restaurant can enjoy in modern meals inspired by the traditional Dalmatian cuisine and in the selection of meals prepared in a healthy and modern way.

8. Konoba Marenda

In a tiny living room, as we can address the interior of an ethnic restaurant called Marenda 1, you can indulge yourselves with homemade meals, prepared in a traditional way. Behind the cozy wooden tables inside of the restaurant or on the wooden benches outside, you can enjoy the delicious snack with anchovy, picarel and sardines, as well as other specialties.

9. Konoba Marenda 2

Hidden amidst narrow streets of the historical Šibenik, restaurant Marenda 2 is one of the few spots in the city in which the spirit of the old town life of Šibenikis still present. In the old days, workers came here for lunch after a hard day of working in the fields but now, fish, ham hock, codfish, prosciutto and cheese as well as other traditional specialties are sought after by the younger generations as well. During your visit to Marenda 2, you will get to dine while finding out lots of interesting stories about the history of the old town.

10. Restoran Pjat

11. Restoran Stari grad

At the very beginning of the Šibenik Riva, there lies a restaurant Stari grad which, besides the sea view, offers carefully prepared dishes in the traditional Dalmatian recipes. With homemade bread you must try the ''Stari grad'' platter or the Šibenik steak in mushroom sauce. To satisfy your cravings for sweets, order the ''pispalje'' – a traditional sweet dessert - or crepes with jam and chocolate.

12. Pizzeria The Bar

If you are in search of a healthier pizza that will not leave you with a guilty conscious then pizzeria The Bar is the right spot for you. Besides the cozy surroundings and friendly staff, guests can enjoy in some special pizzas such as pizza with black integral dough, pizza with salmon, pizza with truffle sauce and many others. On the menu you can also find six varieties of lasagnas which are, the same as the pizzas, creatively different and innovative.

13. Na maloj loži

Wine and cafe bar Na maloj loži lies in the very center of the old town and offers you the possibility of drinking excellent coffee, enjoying the rich wine selection from the local vineyards, wine tastings and educational lectures. Theese are followed by a relaxing entertainment and are an integral part of the Na.ma.lo coffee & wine bar. For the afternoon refreshments there are available - apart from local wines - also local craft beers, cocktails and wine coolers with the scent of Dalmatia, as well as seasonal offerings of sweet and savory snacks from the local manufacturers.

14. Vintage bar

Vintage bar is a pleasant oasis, where guests can already from the early morning find a great place to start a day with a good coffee. In the evening the Vintage bar offers a variety of cocktails, made from ingredients like rosemary, fennel, sage or lavender. In the coffee house there are regular live performances with the focus on traditional ''klape'' bands and good quality music, as well as appearances from famous barmen from other countries that represent their art in the glass and bring a breath of Europe to Šibenik.

15. Azimut

Located under the market ''4 wells'', there is a place where creative people, artists and people who appreciate good music, dancing and fun gather. The program offered by Azimut consists of live concerts, dance programs, pub quizzes, stand-up comedy and many other performances.

16. Barcode

Barcode is a cocktail bar where you can unwind and enjoy the variety of drinks and top-notch cocktails. The cocktails are made from original recipes with local spices and special ingredients that characterize this area. The bar has a cozy interior decoration and the great selection of various concerts guarantees that you will have a good time here.

17. Caffeteria Giro Espresso

Cafeteria Giro Espresso in the heart of the Šibenik old town is an oasis for all lovers of coffee, prepared in the original Italian recipes for flawless – perfect taste. It is known also as ''ĐIRO'' among the locals. It has set aside itself from other places as well-known brand and a place where one can enjoy top notch beverages based on homemade coffee.

18. Yum Pastry Shop

Having one of the most photogenic Instagram profiles, small and cute 'homemade' pastry shop is completely different than any other industrial pastry shop. An airy ambient is decorated in shabby chic style, where pastel colors, flowers and gentle details prevail with inspiring quotes written all around you. You will find a variety of homemade hot chocolate, natural strained juices from seasonal fruits and a variety of different handmade cookies.

19. Petrus beach bar restaurant & club

Thousands of pictures were taken from this place as the view towards Šibenik is really breath taking. Now imagine here a bar with the wide offer of tasty food and drinks as well as healthy snacks offered from early morning to late evening. Even more – this place is also a restaurant where you can eat daily fresh caught fish and other dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. The choice is only one - Petrus na Banju. Among the 20 dishes we would expose our delicious tuna steak, always fresh daily caught fish, black pasta with local shrimps and beef steak carpaccio. Even the sight alone will take your breath away and the food will encircle this magical experience.

20. Krešimir bistro bar

At the very heart of the Šibenik cultural monument, you will find a cozy atmosphere and a spacious terrace – and you will fall in love for this place at the first sight. In this nice ambient with the stunning views you can taste all your favorite drinks. Additionally, Krešimir bistro bar offers also the best of Mediterranean cuisine, such as a wide variety of appetizers, meat dishes, hamburgers and the delicious fish platters. If you find yourself in the town at the time of breakfast, lunch or dinner, the kind personnel of Krešimir bistro bar is always there for your every need.

21. Moderato coffe & cakes

Moderato cantabile coffee & cakes bar has found refuge in Villa Pasini, in which the history of Šibenik has been written. Fusion of elegant space with the classic finesse and professional level of service is the reason for which you will always feel at home here. A centennial ballroom hall where through the centuries singing, dancing and celebration of life were held, is the center peace of Moderato cantabile coffee & cakes. The bar is infused with coffee scents with rich variety of tastes and irresistible pastries from their own production.

22. Hendrick's bar

A cozy interior of industrial flare, perfected by the first-class coffee, also recognized for culture of enjoying one of the most revered drinks in the world, the name of which is the focal point of all true hedonists. In Hendricks bar, you can indulge yourself in world class Gin drinks, combined with mint, strawberry’s, pepper, rosemary or fresh pickle, as it is correctly enjoyed by all true lovers of this refreshing drink. There is also a wide variety of beer and other domestic and foreign drinks. Combine your favorite tastes of freshly squeezed ginger, pineapple, carrot, apple, orange, pear and many other juices and enjoy their 100% natural taste.

23. Fafarinka cakes & coffe

24. Pub & wine bar Scala

Located less than 1 kilometer from the fort Barone, one of the most beautiful forts in Dalmatia, this chic and urban place is rated as one of the favorite gathering places to spend your time. The reason for this is a wide variety of drinks offered in an excellent environment with its complementary interior and cozy atmosphere. Add to this also the very kind personnel and you will see why Pub and wine bar Scala will very quickly become your favorite spot for drinking coffee and relaxing in the evenings. From the rich menu we recommend many different combinations of fine dining & street food, accompanied with the daily offer of Mediterranean dishes.

25. Barone Fortress

Meet a part of rich offering of gastronomy of the Šibenik climate, where we have gathered for you the best that Šibenik and its surroundings can offer. You can try the best of the Mediterranean climate and eating on the location or to go. In the gastro-cultural center of the fort Barone in Šibenik we would like to focus on rewarded and local delicacies of local producers (cheeses, prosciutto, jams...) and excellent wines of the Šibenik area. On the spot you can as well taste other Šibenik delicacies, such as fish spreads, salty almonds, local domestic wines and brandy, extra virgin olive oil and many others.

26. Buffet Šešula

Feel like one of us, eat like a local – is the motto of the chef in the buffet Šešula. Thanks to its position by the sea, walking on the docks to meet Šešula is quickly turned to an adventure of discovering Šibenik through the tasting of local food. You will find dishes prepared in a way that every housewife does them in their home. Buffet Šešula with its many years of experience in preparing of local dishes, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything in between. In the morning you can order a bagel with your coffee, in the afternoon you can satisfy your cravings for sweets with crepes or refresh yourself with fruit salads. For lunch choose goulash or lamb with peas and you will discover scents and tastes of local Šibenik homes. You can also find meat and fish dishes such as shark on the barbecue, different types of pasta, sandwiches and different sides.

Buffet Šešula offers you a unique atmosphere of the Mediterranean with a rich gastro offering.

Come, taste and share your opinion with us!

27. Bistro Anima Mare

Restaurant Anima mare is located on the Šibenik riva, just a few steps from the sea. Original recipes for preparing the meals on the grill, offers such specialties like salmon and lamb chops served with different gravy sauces, will bring you an unbeatable gastronomic pleasure. You can try different Excellent Macedonian wines and enjoy here the intimate and relaxed moments. Relaxing ambient on the upper floor of the restaurant Anima mare is an ideal place for you.

28. Moby Dick caffe bar

The popular Šibenik's coffee house, adjacent to the sea is an ideal place for drinking your morning coffee in the first rays of the sun or for an evening relaxation with cocktails and live music. In the summer treat yourself with very tasty premium ice creams that will impress you with the perfect combination of taste and tempting decorations. Try also our famous gluten free, salty and famous peanut ice cream.

29. Rebus bar

Space that used to be a restaurant in the very center of Šibenik was turned into a modern cocktail bar, that radiates extravagance, elegance and oriental vibe, combined with industrial details. What sets Rebus apart from the others is the central location which is still far enough from the busy city beat and boiling asphalt. That makes it ideal for all those in search for a quieter and more intimate place. Besides coffee and large selection of alcohol drinks, bar also offers its signature cocktails of refined recipes with well thought additions of local spirits and spices. Together with Croatian craft beers you will also find a wine list with focus on wines from local producers. 

30. Caffe bar Domald

One of the oldest Šibenik's caffe bars started out as a bistro and in the meantime became a place where different events are held. So far more than 100 exhibitions, live band performances and debates were held. Relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the sea while enjoying hot beverages prepared for you by the friendly staff of caffee bar Domald.

31. Domino bar

Caffe bar Domino is situated on the Šibenik riva in the oldest part of Šibenik – Doc. With its evening music, DJ performances and the view on the Šibenik bridge lit up in the distance, caffee bar Domino is the right choice having a great time in the evening. After an easy wake up and walk on the riva, caffee bar Domino also welcomes you to relax with your morning coffee in the close vicinity of the famous Šibenik beach Bani and fascinating fort of saint Mihovil.

32. Pizzeria Kike

Enjoy different delicacies of pizzeria Kike on a peaceful and idyllic location in the old town center of Šibenik. We can recommend delicious pizzas from the wood burning oven, different types of pasta, lasagnas, French toasts and grilled dishes. In the summer and in the warmer days you can relax on the peaceful terrace in one of the most picturesque Šibenik's squares. Professional and kind personnel together with the 20 years tradition of this place, choosing whichever food you can't go wrong.

33. Pizzeria Forum

Recognized for its wide offer of the tasty pizzas from the wood burning oven, the oldest town pizzeria is located in the very center, opposite to the beautiful city park. Space for the customers reminds of the ''volte'' from the city council and the wood burning oven is designed in the shape of the Šibenik's cathedral dome of st. Jakov. The interior is lined with wood, while the walls are decorated with many different paintings and old pictures of famous Šibenik's sportsmen. They offer large selection of pizzas, lasagnas, sandwiches and salads. You will be offered a large selection of light, dark, and wheat beer as well as a wide selection of excellent wines.

34. Slastičarna Calimero

This oldest Pastry shop in Šibenik with a tradition of more than 70 years is in the very center of the city, just couple of minutes from the main bus station. Paradise for everyone that likes sweets, offers a wide variety of ice cream and the delicious homemade cakes, made from original recipes. Enjoy in the coffee of the highest quality, teas, refreshing drinks and desserts such as cheesecake, croissants, macaroons and many more.

35. Restaurant No.4

In the kitchen of centuries-old stone house we are preparing meals with quality and local groceries prepared in a traditional. Mediterranean way. On the menu, you can find the best pieces of fish from the grill, swordfish in the wine sauce and saffron, brodet with signature of the house, beefsteak and other food that are made with love in restaurant No4. In the end you can enjoy with sweet desserts and rich wine list. Ultimately, Restaurant No4 every morning is preparing nutritious breakfast which is recommended to start the day. We are open every day from 8am-11pm.


36. Bellevue Hotel - Superior City Hotel

Hotel Bellevue welcomes all participants of ORC World Championship 2019 with 15% discount on all drinks in Hotel's bar, during the bar working hours. Participants are asked to show their accreditation before making orders, in order to get the discount. Hotel Bellevue is located by ORC B fleet, on the sea promenade. Offer is valid starting from May 30, up to June 8th in the evening.

37. Restaurant Terra Mare

Restaurant Terra Mare offers daily fresh lokal seafood very ou can find oysters, mussels from Šibenik area.,Our most popular seafood meal are sea bowl and fisherman pot.
For meat lovers we have excellent choice of carefully selected steaks as tomahawk,t-bobe, rib eye,tenderloin etc.
Wine list consist the best of croatian winemakers as lwell as lokal winemakers with famous babić,lasina,marastina, autochthonous wine Rustical ambient of restaurant remind old crusader.


38. Pluto's Burger Bar

Pluto’s Burger Bar, best burgers in town!

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