Here is one letter ORC addressed to boat owners:


Dear ORC Worlds 2019 participants,

The International Technical Committee (ITC) of the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) is conducting a campaign to collect real boats sailing performance data of real boat performance to help improve the ORC Velocity Prediction Program (VPP). There are already a number of boats in the database but we are seeking even more to better support this effort.

Real performance data, after proper filtering and evaluation, will be compared with VPP performance predictions. The goal is to improve the quality of the ORC performance predictions and the resulting  ratings calculated for each boat in the system. More accurate performance predictions means more accurate ratings. Better absolute accuracy should create a more level competition field because the system will be able to better predict the relative differences in the performance of different boats in different conditions.

You may contribute to creating a more level competition field by providing ORC the following data recorded during the upcoming World Championship (and hopefully any other data from before of after the event with the boat in the same rating configuration) if available:

Records or instrument logs of raw data from regattas or tests (TWA, TWS, AWA, AWS, V, Heel, GPS data etc….)

  • Log format:
    • log in *.csv or *.txt format (from deckman, expedition or adrena), or NMEA
    • Log frequency should ideally be 1Hz
  • A minimum of 10 different logs per boat (but much more is desirable as more data produces better results)
    • These can be from different races
    • Please ensure instruments are calibrated to the best of your ability and not changed (as much as possible) for any of the submitted logs/data
    • Minimum parameters: Date, Time, Lat & Lon, TWS, TWD, TWA, BSP – ideally COG, SOG, HEEL,TRIM

Ideally, the data will be cover a wide range of angles and wind speeds but all data must be with the boat in the same rating configuration.

ORC will guarantee the confidentiality of the submitted data. It will be used only by the ORC ITC for the purpose of improving the quality of the VPP and will not be shared with any other competitor.

Beyond the benefits of improving handicaps, ORC is offering following items in return to those competitors whose submitted data is of high enough quality that it can be succesfully used by the ORC:

  • 200 credits for use with ORC Sailor Services 
  • A trial version of KND’s SPP performance software suite with a copy of resulting performance polar developed from the data you submit

If you would like to participate, please reply to this email with your boat name, boat type, and what Class you are competing in so we can give you more details.

Thanks for your help, and we wish your team the Best of Luck in the ORC World Championship.


Best regards, ORC


Offshore Racing Congress

Croatian Sailing Federation

World Sailing